Friday, October 28, 2011

Return of the Classics

Wearing: Forever 21 jacket, Old Navy blouse, sister jeans

Midterms, midterms, midterms that is all that has been on my mind during last week. I felt my mind spinning a million times, but all the hard work paid out in the end. So please forgive for my lack of posts lately. The weather is Connecticut I’ve been so cold lately, that all can’t to do is snuggle up in my bed all day and night. It’s suppose it snow tomorrow, (AHHHH). I’m so not ready for winter it makes me feel like going back home to enjoy the 80 plus degree weather.



  1. hey! I completely understand the stress of midterms right now! loving the coat! <3

  2. Love your can dress it up or go casual with it.

  3. You look like a model or you can be a model,darling!
    I love your outfit!

    How was your Halloween? Did you have Halloween party?

  4. classics always look fantastic on you!

  5. Hey Shaniqua,
    Love your post! You genuinely look like a model in this outfit. My good friend (the other half of Tribal Gem) got a jacket recently from F21 that I'm planning on 'borrowing' haha.

    Thanks for the comment on IFB too :)

    Tribal Gem, London xo